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We are an organization that invests its capital in profitable strategies in the financial market.

We are growing more and more and our results are unbeatable in the financial market. There are 2.5% profits for each investor every day. We have a team that works with consistency and a lot of experience in market analysis. We are looking for people interested in investing with us.


We use all technology to our advantage, we are connected with you and the financial market daily, bringing real profits to you who already operate in the field of trading and cryptocurrencies or even you who are starting now.

Last but not least, we also offer an affiliate program in which you have several cash bonuses that can speed up your profitability progress much more.

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Why choose Timex?

To achieve your financial freedom!

Receipt liquidity

Unlike traditional investments you do not have to wait until the end of your 300% contract to withdraw the amount you have already earned through the platform. Withdrawals are daily.

Compound interest

You can project your investments into new investments and thus increase your profitability even more. Compound interest is your greatest ally when re-investing in the platform.

Affiliate Program

There is more than 20% commission in unilevel to value your effort and work, and project earnings far beyond those expected, don't just focus on daily trading, but open up your binary network and make yours biggest dreams!

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